Migration, Identity and New Information Technology

Odyssey Group workshop to be held at University of Ulster, Jordanstown, Northern Ireland, 23rd-27th August 2004
hosted by Professor Julian Hine, Translink Chair of Transport, University of Ulster, Jordanstown

This workshop will examine the implications of new information and communications technologies for the social and economic dynamics of identity and community, in the context of migration and diaspora. Ulster is an ideal geographical base for the workshop: migration, inward and outward, has had a defining impact on its peoples and communities for many centuries. It is planned that the workshop will explore the affordances of the internet and world wide web in relation to migration from the island of Ireland, and also in relation to other diaspora communities.

The workshop is currently being planned. Participation by others, as individuals and/or as organisations or groups, is welcomed: please contact Leonard Holmes (e-mail: l.holmes@londonmet.ac.uk)



websites concerned with issues of migration and diaspora:


Our location for the workshop


ERIN (Emigration Resources Information Network): - at the Irish Centre for Migration Studies, currently at University of Cork

Centre for Migration Studies: - based at Ulster-America Folk Park, Omagh, Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Irish Diaspora Net: - the archive of the Irish Diaspora Studies scholarly network

Ulster Historical Foundation - a non-profit making organisation founded in 1956 to promote interest in Irish genealogy and history, with particular reference to the province of Ulster.

African Foundation for Development - Supporting African diaspora's contribution to Africa's development

African Diaspora: - internet resources site at African Studies Department, Columbia University

African Diaspora Links: links to various resources

Scottish Diaspora Project: - organised by Communities of the Future and the Scottish Council Foundation

Beth Hatefutsoth:- Museum of the Jewish People Online

SHAML: - Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Centre website

Chinese Diaspora - hosted at UCLA

South Asian Diaspora Project: - Sponsored by the South/Southeast Asia Library, University of California, Berkeley

History of International Migration Site - hosted at Leiden University, Netherlands, providing resources for study of European migration

H-Migration - part of H-Net, "enhancing scholarly communication about the global history of migration and the acculturation of immigrants and their descendants into their new society"

Irish Studies Centre, London Metropolitan University -


to suggest a site, please email the URL to l.holmes@re-skill.org.uk


University of Ulster, Jordanstown, campus directions

Glenavna Hotel

Ulster Tourist Board



Residential Participants

Our host:

Professor Julian Hine, University of Ulster
email: julian@jhine.demon.co.uk

Other participants:

Professor Kay Axhausen
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
email: axhausen@hotmail.com

Professor Frank Go,
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
email: fgo@fbk.eur.nl

Professor Margaret Grieco,
Napier University, Edinburgh and Cornell University
email: msgrieco@aol.com

Dr Leonard Holmes,
London Metropolitan University
email: l.holmes@re-skill.org.uk

Dr Stephen Little,
Open University Business School

Virtual Participants

to join us as a virtual participant, please email your details to l.holmes@re-skill.org.uk


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